Feeder Benefits

Herd Feeder–a revolutionary kind of slow feeder for your herds.
With extremely low waste, each feeder holds a pickup load of small squares of hay. If you’re worried about waste, don’t. The Herd Feeder is designed to keep the hay dry and functions as a slow feeder – pulling out only one mouthful at a time. If that’s not enough, the Herd Feeder only needs to be filled about once a week so you can do it when your schedule allows.

Saves Time
Holds up to 12 small square bales, and keeps the hay clean and dry.

Minimizes Waste
Whatever the horses pull out - they eat.

Slow Feeds
Horses and small grazing animals eat only a mouthful at a time, mimicking their natural feeding patterns without over-eating.

Graze All Day
Horses are healthiest when they can graze all day. Avoids long periods of time without hay in their stomachs and provides them with a slow, continuous source of fiber.

Natural Position
Horses eat best when they can graze in a natural head-down position.

Easy on Lips, Gums and Teeth
Our soft yet strong net, made in America, is animal friendly

Controlled Nutrition
Important for horses, especially those with specific dietary needs. Small square bales have a more consistent quality and nutrient value throughout. Herd Feeder provides the ability to feed in bulk, yet allows the inspection of each leaf of hay for quality as it’s loaded.