Feeder Construction

What Goes Into Making a Herd Feeder Great?

Built to Last a Lifetime
Our Semi-Monocoque Construction maximizes interior space while having an extremely strong outer shell. We can easily match the colors and themes of your barn.

How long does a barn last? Our Herd Feeders our designed like an out-building for years of continual use. Throughout years of testing, we have never had a net failure.

Drop-Down Feed Shelf

Drop Down Feeder Shelf

Why break your back loading hay?

The Herd Feeder Drop-Down Feed Shelf allows for easy loading from a pickup truck bed height. Allows for lateral movement of bales instead of having to lift them up from the ground.

Make sure that your horses and grazing animals get quality hay!

As you clip the strings on the bales, you can inspect each leaf as you load the feeder. You can easily remove trash and debris, and make sure that there is no harmful mold.

Stainless Steel Door Hinges

Stainless Steel Door Hinges

Made in the USA with American Steel. Hinges lay flat and won't catch halters, Lifetime Warranty.

HF Horse Safe Latch–

Made in the USA with American Steel. Latch lays flat and won't catch halters or poke faces. Lifetime Warranty.