Herd Feeder Experts

Our slow feeders have been tested by the toughest and pickiest herd around...OURS. Meet the team that helped us build the most revolutionary slow feeder you'll ever own.


Meet Helmer - our big, muscular quarter horse with massive jaws of steel. He speaks softly but carries a big stick - think John Wayne in "The Quiet Man". Helmer views standard hay nets as cotton candy and rips through them in a matter of days. Helmer once destroyed a steel horse feeder... just because he could. Herd Feeder has tamed this gentle giant however, and even Helmer can't put a dent in the Herd Feeder.


Romeo is our live wire - a bundle of muscle and energy, he controls the herd with a twitch of his ears. When he wants hay, the herd moves out of the way. As bad as he wants to be, Romeo can only control one side of a feeder. The herd easily flows around to the other feeder and the opposite side of the feeder that Romeo is on. Everybody is happy and still gets to eat.


Ty- Our Pretty Boy and one laid back dude. He likes to hang out with the guys and stand around bonfires. Ty worked with us for over a year developing the Herd Feeder slow feeder, but has since moved on to bigger and better things in Colorado Springs, CO. Ty loves walking the trails now in the foothills above USAFA. No saddle, no bridle, just a halter, lead rope and blanket is all Ty needs. During his tenure at Herd Feeder, Ty loved hanging out and munching mouthfulls of hay with his buds.

Bob 'N Chuck

Chuck 'N Bob or Bob 'N Chuck... It doesn't matter. Two goats sharing one brain cell. Although they might look lovable, they are a tag-teaming duo of eating machines. Word on the street is to never get between these two and their food. With Herd Feeder's slow feeder however, Bob 'N Chuck have met their match. Years of trying to break through the nets have left the goats defeated... yet well nourished!


Tanna- Ex-show horse, current Goat Mother. Tanna is a wise old mare who loves kids and loves her goats. She's very calm and composed, but Tanna also loves to eat. Two ways to make Tanna angry are to 1) mess with her goats or 2) mess with her food. She'll put her ears back on anybody. Tanna loves the Herd Feeder, and in spite of cribbing in her stall, she has never cribbed on the Herd Feeder slow feeder.


Jack- Our Angry Eater. Jack doesn't just eat his food, he attacks it. Jack has bad feet and without his Soft-Ride boots, Jack wouldn't be able to move. His bad feet make him less confident in the herd but because of the multiple eating surfaces of the Herd Feeder slow feeder, Jack can maneuver around and still get plenty of hay. Jack loves the Herd Feeder slow feeder!


Norman- Our 16 year old rescue horse and the smartest horse in the herd. Like Ty, Normy just likes to hang out and get along. Normy had been eating Gracie's food for many years  and had a crest under his mane. Good feed twice a day in the correct amount plus the measured slow feeding at the Herd Feeder slow feeder has made Norman a changed horse. Normy is looking good thanks to the Herd Feeder.


Gracie- "Grand Damme" of the herd. Gracie is a 30-something year old rescue horse and was severely underweight when she got here. Excellent feed twice a day plus constant exposure to hay at the Herd Feeder slow feeder has brought her back. She's content to live out her twilight years with the rest of the herd. Gracie loves the Herd Feeder slow feeder.


Myrtle- "Belle" of the Herd and boy does she know it! She's the smartest (and cutest) one of the bunch... just don't you dare call her miniature! Not just another pretty face, Myrtle is the protector of the herd and she'll put the hurt on any coyote or four-legged creature that threatens her friends. When the gang is at the Herd Feeder slow feeder, Myrtle politely moves to the net any time she pleases. Myrtle loves the fact that the hay she eats is clean and dry.


Hank- Our Prancing Pony and still acts like he's at a show. He's Myrtle's boyfriend and thinks he's the BMOC (big man on campus). Hank has sharp little pony teeth, gets nervous in a feed stall, and cribs on just about anything. In the three years he's been eating at the Herd Feeder slow feeder, there's not one bite mark. Yep, even Hank shows respect to the Herd Feeder.