Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving at Herd Feeder

Guiding Principals

Our roots are firmly grounded in supporting the equine community. That's why it's important that we give back to our horse friends in need.

  • Support for local equine rescue non-profit organizations that contribute to the overall care and support of horses that have been abused or neglected.

  • Share the horse community’s common devotion for the horse and believe they should be treated with care and an abundance of love.
  • Love all horses and ensure they have a good home.
Giving Back
Every purchase helps local horse rescues

Every Purchase Helps Local Horse Rescues

Every time you make a purchase from Herd Feeder, a portion of the sale will be donated to a local non-profit horse rescue organization. Our goal is to donate at least one percent of gross sales. There’s no action needed on your part. It’s simply our way of showing how much we care about our horse friends.

non-profit fundraising opportunities

Non-Profit Fundraising Opportunities

If you’re a non-profit organization, hosting a raffle is an excellent way to raise funds for your non-profit organization. To find out how you can get one of our slow feeders donated for a raffle or charitable event, send us an email with your charity's name, 501c3 status and date of event.