The HF Difference

Durability: We tested the Herd Feeder Concept on our own herd first. Seven horses, a pony, two goats and a miniature donkey. Brutal Wisconsin winters, hot summers, snow, rain, mud… you get it. Over three years of use with no failures, and our herd stayed extremely healthy. Multiple different barns and breeds have since tested the feeder with excellent results!

Saves Time and Money: The Herd Feeders hold up to a dozen small square bales. Herd Feeders also function as Slow Feeders, and whatever your animals pull out of the net, they eat. If fines fall down under the net, they clean it up. Load about once a week, and pick the times that work best for you. They load easy and fast too!

Ergonomic Design: No heavy lifting. Back your pickup truck full of hay up to the HF Feed Shelf, stand in the bed and load hay. If you are taller, stand on the ground to laterally transfer the hay. Easy.

Safe: The HF Horse Safe Latch and stainless steel hinges lay flat. Nothing to grab halters or poke faces. Herd Feeders are stable and heavy enough that they cannot be pushed or kicked over.

Keeps Horses Healthy: Horses graze all day in a natural head-down position. Having a constant source of clean fiber in the gut can be benefitial in preventing gastric problems. Horses move around the feeders all day, forcing them to excercise.

Highly Customizable: Herd Feeder carries a wide range of styles to meet your needs and price range. We can finish our feeders to match your barn and buildings. Need a custom design? You dream it– we can build it.


Designed and built to last. Made in the USA.

American nets and steel. American quality.